Sunday evening. Dani is at one of her friend’s house. A cup of tea with lemon on the little table. Lying on the sofa, bare legs, wearing a t-shirt. Windows opened. The air caressing her skin. Her head rolled back to scrutinize the books placed on the shelfs. Sebastiao Salgado:”Terra: Struggle of the landless” her eyes read and her mind got taken. Instinctively she grabs this book and starts reading…
Salgado is a brazilian social documentary photographer and photojournalist.
This powerful book documents all the pains, tears and fears of brazilian peasants to survive and to reclaim their land.
Where justice is always injustice and where there will always be a servant and a master.
All of this in a series of harmless, touching and highly meaningful photographs.
Salgado is now showing at the Natural History Museum in London with “Genesis” until the 8th of September. He spent 8 years traveling the world to capture humans, animals and nature in their native glory.

Domenica sera. Dani e’a casa di un suo amico. Una tazza di te con limone sul tavolo piccolo. Distesa sul divano, gambe scoperte, indossa una t-shirt. Finestre aperte. L’aria le accarezza la pelle. La sua testa rotola all’indietro per scrutinare i libri appoggiati sulle mensole. Sebastiao Salgado: “Terra: Struggle of the landless” i suoi occhi leggono e la sua mente viene presa. Istintivamente afferra questo libro e inizia a leggere…
Sebastiao Salgado e’ un fotografo e fotogiornalista social documentativo brasiliano.
Questo libro pungente documenta le pene, le lacrime e le paure dei contadini brasiliani per sopravvivere e reclamare la loro Terra.
Dove la giustizia e’ sempre ingiustizia e dove ci sara’ sempre un servitore e un padrone.
Tutto questo in una serie di foto innocenti, toccanti e altamente significative.
Salgado e’ al momento in mostra al Natural History Museum di Londra con “Genesis” fino all’8 settembre. Ha trascorso otto anni viaggiando per il mondo a fotografare esseri umani, animali e natura nella loro nativa gloria.


He loved that time as if
It were the last
Kissed his wife as if it were the last
And each child as if it were the
Only one
And crossed the road with timid steps…


And he tripped in the sky as if
Hearing music
And floated in the air as if it
Were saturday
And landed on the ground like a
Timid package…


Chico Buarque


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