Good Afternoon lovely pips!!
It’s Friday and i’ve been writing my review for ZERO DARK THIRTY. Read and please leave any comment. I would love to hear your voices!!

Director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have teamed again to give us another deep insight into the “War on Terror” after their 2009 Oscar-winner “The Hurt locker”, where they followed a bomb disposal unit in Iraq.
This time with Zero Dark Thirty they take us to a very dark decade of searching for the most wanted man in history:
It may look like a documentary but the director herself stresses it is not!!
It’s an extremely complex story and operation. Ten years have been compressed into two-and-a-half hours.
They did an incredibly amazing job in making the story as faithful as possible to the reality.
In fact the scenes are so harsh, with no embellishment of any sort.
My favorite one is the bombing at the Merriot Hotel in Islamabad the 20th of September 2008.
It felt so damn real i jumped from my seat and smelled the smoke!!
And the CIA agent Maya ( a breathtaking performance from Jessica Chastain) is the stunning motherfucker who puts all her passion into this super challenging searching and killing of the target.
Right at the end Maya is asked: ” Where do you want to go?”
Tears running down her cheeks…
It felt like that question was asked to all of us.
And i personally felt bemused: was Osama Bin Laden really killed like that?? I guess we will never know!!!
An istant classic.
A must see film.

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